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CinemaNow is the premier online destination for downloadable Hollywood movies and TV shows. Rent or buy movies, stream free videos, even burn movies to DVD and watch on TV! Start watching in seconds or download and watch anytime, anywhere on your PC or TV. Our service legally offers downloads of more than 4,000 feature-length films, television programs and music concerts from more than 250 licensors including 20th Century Fox, ABC News, A&E, Disney, HDNet, Lionsgate, MGM, Miramax, NBC Universal, New Line, Paramount, Sony, Sundance Channel and Warner Bros. Fast and convenient, CinemaNow lets customers download their favorite movies on a rental and download-to-own basis. Buying a video download typically costs $9.99 to $19.95 per movie and offers customers an unlimited viewing period. CinemaNow also offers movies on a pay-per-view (rental) basis providing customers 24 hours to watch the video from the time they press “play”. Movie rentals cost $1.00 to $3.99 per movie. No subscription, membership fees or late fees. CinemaNow’s most recent and much acclaimed service offering, “Burn to DVD,” represents a landmark in digital distribution and a true innovation in home entertainment. This revolutionary service enables consumers to legally download a complete DVD, play it back on any PC and burn one copy to a blank DVD disc. The disc can then be played in virtually any DVD player with full remote control navigation and access to all special features. CinemaNow Free Trial. 100% Legal. 100% Video.


CinemaNow, the #1 Legal Movie Download site


What is CinemaNow?

CinemaNow is the leading site for legally downloading Hollywood movies. This innovative and cutting edge entertainment company lets users rent movies online and download them to their laptop or PC. CinemaNow has top movies from Disney, Fox, Lions Gate, MGM, Sony, Universal, Warner Bros. and more.


How does it work?

Users of CinemaNow browse and search our library of hundreds of new and classic movies. New movies can be rented for $3.99 and older titles for $2.99. Users have 24 hours to watch the video, but that 24 hour period does not start until you first press "Play" and you do not need to be connected to the internet to play the movie back. That means you can download movies to your laptop and watch them anywhere –on the plane, in your hotel, in the airport, at the park….anywhere!


Why CinemaNow?


Fast download times

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Best customer experience for discovering and downloading video

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Trusted company = Online since 1999

Lets you watch movies anywhere!   CinemaNow Free Trial. 100% Legal. 100% Video.



Get 3 Disney Movies for $1.99 Each, Free Shipping!






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