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 1. Gas Saving while driving Some people shy away from their top gears, fearing the danger zone. Nonsense! When you're up to speed in a manual or automatic vehicle, the overdrive gear is the most efficient operating gear. Using it saves your fuel economy versus using standard drive.


2. How to remove gum from carpeting There are many schools of thought on the right way to remove gum from carpet floor mats in your car. Some say peanut butter is the only way to get the job done, and others swear by the old ice cube technique. We prefer the garage-inspired WD-40 method. First, spray the gum with a bit of WD-40. Next, give it a few minutes to penetrate deep into the root of the gum. Then, scrape the gum off with a sturdy blunt object (spoons work wonderfully). Lastly, clean the surrounding carpet with a bit of warm soapy water or upholstery cleaner to remove any residual WD-40.


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 Shopping through the Internet truly is a breeze. Look at it this way: you can get almost any product you want from the comfort of your home, instead of having to go to the mall. You get to browse product reviews (still while sitting!) to see the boons and banes of the particular item you’re eyeing and know if it is really worth purchasing. Furthermore, with the ever-growing number of public and private sellers online, you can view so many products at the fastest time, anytime, all with one click.

Nevertheless, this benefit of seemingly endless options when you shop through the internet can be a hassle as much as it is a plus. Too many choices can leave you, the consumer, confused and having a hard time deciding which product to buy and which seller to patronize. Take the case of buying performance auto parts online. More and more car parts sellers are emerging in the Net, each with their own vast array of auto parts all marketed to appeal to the customers. These sellers all have their own gimmicks or promos to make you believe that when you buy any auto part from them, you have the advantage. The question is, how can you be sure that you’re truly getting your money’s worth (or even more) when you buy a performance auto part online? Here are the three most basic but very valuable tips to make sure you don’t get crooked.

Know your seller. As the Net grows larger each day, more and more frauds that prey on the not-so-knowledgeable consumers inhabit it. Make sure you’re buying from a reputable company or private seller that has a tried and tested record. Ask friends or colleagues who may have bought already from the seller you’re eyeing and know if they had any problems with their car parts purchases. Search online for testimonials about the company and/or the parts they sell. Always look for detailed product information (preferably third party reports) on the performance auto parts.

Compare prices and promos. Avoid getting immediately hooked on a deal that seems too good to pass up. Take the time to browse through several sites of performance auto parts sellers and list down what each offers for the particular auto part you seek. Sometimes what seem like the best promo at first glance turns out to be not, as there are other fees (i.e. shipping charges and tax) or even hidden charges that come with the deal. Be cautious of deceiving marketing and don’t purchase and pay until you’re sure you got the best deal.

Pay attention to details. Little details often not considered are important to ensure a trustworthy transaction. For instance, see if the “product checkout” page of the website you’re viewing displays a padlock icon in the lower right-hand border of the browser window. This indicates that the site is using secure encryption to protect your credit card information. When buying second-hand performance auto parts, check out all the specs needed and be aware of the risk that comes with buying a used part.

These are very basic tips, but when overlooked, will truly take you to Internet shopping hell. Indeed, many things need to be considered before you buy your desired performance auto parts online, but just take these three most important keys to heart and you’re good to go.


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