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Whiskey Barrel Fountain

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Solar Power

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 Scarecrow Motion-activated Sprinkler

Finally a way to keep unwanted animals out of your water garden! Cats, dogs, deer, rabbits, herons, raccoons, large birds, and many others. When the patented Scarecrow sees an intruder it instantly releases full garden hose water pressure towards the trespasser. the effect is both startlin














Gas Grill Buyers Guide

How To Buy A Gas Grill

Well - first of all, forget anything you've heard about gas grills. There are lot of myths out there, and I'd like for you to really think about what I am about to pass on to you. It will make sense when we are done, and hopefully you can make a great gas grill purchasing decision. First, you need to decide how you like to cook on a gas grill. Do you like putting your meat on the grill and walking away until it is done, or do you like cooking things fast and hot? Do you cook directly over the flame, or indirectly? Once you have figured out what you want out of a grill, you're ready to go shopping. A lot of publications out there say to set your price point and then shop. That is not the way you should do it. First of all, you may not have any idea what grills cost these days. Second, you get what you pay for. As Benjamin Franklin used to say, "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." If you follow my guide lines, you will make a more educated decision in buying your next gas grill.

Let me walk you through a typical grill purchase. A person goes into a mass merchant store and looks at a huge grill that has big warming racks, high BTU's, and a list of many other impressive features. They are trying to ... click here to read more!


ABCs Of Bulb Gardening  

Portable BBQ Grills- Great for Tailgating. $25 and up!

Information about growing strawberries

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Everything for the WEATHER WATCHER at windandweather.com


Furnish your porch or patio as attractively as an indoor room with this stylish woven patio set. Designed to withstand the outdoors, it offers comfortable, padded chairs and durable, heavy-duty construction with fresh, tropical-inspired cushions. Matching umbrella and umbrella base sold separatelyBetter Homes and Gardens® Palm Valley II 5-Piece Woven Patio Set



Grills from The Grill Store

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Lawn + Garden from Northerntool

Simple Tips for Growing Heirloom Tomatoes

If you are looking for Organic Tomatos check out our

Organic Tomatos here

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Basic introduction to the world of heirloom tomatoes - great-tasting tomatoes that are easy to grow!

Square Foot Gardening presents a new way to garden in less space with less work. The book has been overwhelmingly accepted by gardeners across America. Bartholomew also hosted the popular PBS series of the same name. Truly, the largest selling garden book in America. 37 photos. 63 illustrations and charts. A complete garden book for both the beginner and the expert * A new way to garden with 80 percent less space and work * The companion book to the nationally acclaimed television series * Over 900,000 copies in print Square Foot Gardening presents a new way to garden in less space with less work. * Grow a perfect garden in only 10 minutes a day. * Harvest the biggest tomatoes. * Enjoy spectacular flowers every day. * Ideal for beginners from 4 to 94. * Simple, easy, attractive and rewarding gardens.

This has to be the best gardeining book that I have ever bought. If you are only going to buy 1 gardening book then this the one. Great information that gets great results no matter what size garden you have.I have used this book for years and would never be with out it.It is a great book for you if you have any kind of space to garden whether you have a small patio garden or a 1/2 acer of land. When I first used this book I was not ready for how much more produce I got out of my garden.


Basic information on the history, the art, and the care for Bonsai plants and how to learn more.

All of our a la carte tomato varieties

All the Varieties of Tomatoes you could wish for


Lots of helpful info for choosing the right container for your home garden  

Allsop's Line of Innovative Gardening Products

5 Easy Steps to Choosing the Right Plant for You

1. Choosing the right plant: You won't have to spend as much time caring for your palnts if you choose plants that are suited to your environmental conditions and gardening style. Browse our collection of Gifts that Grow™, and get the perfect plant shipped to your door.

2. Watering: Test the soil in your containers every day with your finger. If it's dry an inch below the surface - water. If you can't water your plants on a regular basis, consider self-watering containers. If you've got hard-to-reach plants, we'd recommend a watering wand, which has saved us from lots of stepstool time.

3. Fertilizer: Fertilizer is important. Mix a dry, time-release fertilizer into the soil when planting, and use small amounts of liquid fertilizer for regular feeding every few weeks.

4. Fighting Pests: Inspect plants regularly for fungus, insects, bugs, etc. Remove any diseased or dying leaves. Spray insects with water or other natural repellants to get rid of them.

5. Pruning: Don't be afraid to cut or trim plants to keep their shape and encourage growth - just leave at least 2/3 of the original plant intact so it'll have enough surface area to absorb sunlight. Pinch deadhead faded flowers regularly to encourage more blooms on annual plants. A good set of tools can make all the difference.

Keep in mind that every plant is different. Take some time to read up on your plants and learn as much as you can about their individual needs. A little time spent reading and planning now can save you a lot of time and disappointment later.


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