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Astrology gives you an overview; Numerology gives you the details."

Informed Living

By Sara Scott

Who would have thought this?

I'm an Astrologer. I write daily horoscopes. So when a fellow Astrologer and writer told me that his advisor was a Numerologist I had to ask, "why?"

A few years back he'd planned a coming out party for another writer and was also celebrating getting a book contract. Several publishing VIPs and the media were attending this party.

"The night of the party I got this phone call saying my publisher had dropped me. I was devastated. Here I was an Astrologer, yet nothing in my horoscope could tell me what was going on.

"So a friend put me in touch with her numerologist. She said not to worry, that the numbers said the time was right for the book to be picked up. Within three days I had a contract on that book." "Astrology gives you an overview; Numerology gives you the details."

I was curious, so I called the numerologist myself, "Tell me why I should use Numerology."

"Because it explains so much of what's happening in your life."

"But that's why I use Astrology."

"And you should, but Numerology gives you a much sharper, more complete picture. I call it 'informed living.' Life's more comfortable when you know ahead of time when the ups and downs are coming, and when to just go with the flow instead of fighting it.

"Here's an example of what I'm talking about. When my friend Beth was in her mid-30s, she really wanted a relationship and a baby. I just didn't' see it in her chart, I told her, 'The focus right now is on work and going to school--and I think you're going to change careers.'

'Uh! I'm through with the career stuff. Enough already. I want a relationship and a baby.'

'Well, that comes into your life when you're 40.'

'Oh my God, don't even talk to me about being 40--I'll be too old, my biological clock is ticking!'

"She must have brought six different guys in to see me, saying 'Well, what do you think about this one? I can learn to love him. He says he loves me. We could have a kid, and boom! we're done, right?'

'No Beth, there just isn't any love energy here on your side. You would be cheating yourself and grow to regret it later.'

"Time took its course. Beth went to school, got a masters degree, and changed careers. During that time, a relationship would have been a distraction and she wouldn't have been working on what she was meant to do.

"When she turned 39, she met a new guy, got married, and at 40 had the baby. She's got her baby, a new career, and is completely fulfilled.

"Numerology can ease the frustration when you know things aren't supposed to happen immediately but that they will. You learn to focus on what your role is right now and optimize that instead of letting opportunities slide by because you want something else."

"So Numerology can tell me when to get married and when to change jobs?" I asked.

"Sure. It can also tell you when to buy a house, move across country, if somebody's in love with you, if you're compatible, what issues you need to work on to be happy, and what your future holds."

I was thinking, "This sounds a little too good to be true."

As if reading my mind, she asked, "What's your full name on your birth certificate?" After she promised never to reveal my middle name, I told her.

About three sentences into my individual reading, my jaw dropped and I haven't been able to shut my mouth about it since. Not only was it accurate, it was eerie.

"Without Numerology, it's like driving at night without headlights. Charting the course of your life is like you suddenly get headlights and can see where you're going."


To find out what Numerology reveals about your life, visit Jill Saint James' Life-Answers Web site at


Life's more comfortable when you know ahead of time when the ups and downs are coming, and when to just go with the flow instead of fighting it.

"Numerology can ease the frustration when you know things aren't supposed to happen immediately but that they will.

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